Agorai is an integrated suite of marketplaces that provides the following:

  • AI Products for companies to inject AI into their business today

  • AI Tools for both companies and entrepreneurs to build new AI powered solutions

  • A Data Marketplace for companies to buy data needed for their AI solutions as well as sell their own data assets

  • Consulting Services to help companies put the right pieces together and deliver real results quickly

AI Products

More solutions are being brought to the marketplace every day. Here is a sample of some of the solutions available today:

Financial Services

  • Fraud Detection

  • Back Office Automation (Trade Reconciliation)

  • Custom RPA Solutions

  • Product Recommendation (Retail Banking)


  • Virtual Assistants / Chatbots

  • Media Spend Arbitrage

  • Contextually Intelligent Digital Advertising

  • Custom Product Recommendation Engines


  • Patient Adherence

  • Patient Cohort Selection

  • Eldercare Tracking


  • Route Optimization

  • Warehouse Management

  • Predictive Maintenance

AI Tools

Agorai provides entrepreneurs and corporate developers with a fully integrated suite of AI tools to develop new solutions

  • Deep Learning

  • Natural Language Understanding

  • Machine Vision

  • Semantic AI Tools

Data Marketplace

Data can be bought and sold via Agorai. These transactions are currently being conducted in a bespoke fashion but will be available a digital marketplace in the near future. Representative data sets include DSP data, individual behavioral data, IOT data collected from transport devices, and satellite data.


Agorai, as part of our joint venture with DNeX, provides strategic consulting services to help firms assess how best to leverage artificial intelligence for their specific business as well as technical integration services to help deploy and integrate solutions quickly and cost effectively.